Kindred Early Education Childcare Centre

The design of our Early learning childcare centres focuses on the critical relationship between indoor activity rooms, external playscapes and the visual and physical connection between them. In concert with this, natural light and ventilation foster calm, nurturing environments for children to enjoy.

We recognise the need for quality, innovative and elegant design solutions to ensure dignified, and playful children’s spaces in conjunction with the expectations of parents & caregivers and the day-to-day operational needs of the centre owners, educators and staff.

Design principles:

  • Open flexible spaces to accommodate licensed placement numbers in considered age groupings
  • All of our buildings feature good design principles including natural light, shading and ventilation
  • Considered acoustic treatment & visual sightlines to ensure privacy & dignity
  • Thorough understanding of rigorous national regulations, placement licensing and other regulatory compliance
  • Centre design balancing child, educator and operator needs
  • Efficient design to maximise activity room and outdoor playscape spaces
  • Our centres are designed for real-world operation not just a DA
  • Provide secure environments for children and their educators



77 Photography


Opened March 2020

Project Team

Architect: 77 Architecture
Builder: PPQ Group
Engineering: Farr Engineers
Landscape Architect: Dunn + Moran
Playscape: Ausplay Playscapes
Town Planning: Cardno