Graceville Childcare & Retail Centre


The development comprises of retail and childcare on the ground floor with public green spaces framing the pedestrian axis to these uses. The retail element activates the corner of Honour Avenue and Verney Road West and is bound exclusively to the District Centre Zone. A community art element screens the carpark from Honour Avenue and compliments the public edge of the development. Servicing is hidden centrally in the development away from neighbouring residential property. The upper level is predominately childcare centre orientated towards Honour Avenue and abutting a commercial element associated with the corner retail below.


The design offers generous deep planting to the residential boundary which along with the undercroft carpark, provide adequate overland flow capacity though the site. The design of the childcare pavilions on the upper level is respectful to the neighbourhood residential character in form, scale and materiality and provides visual and acoustic separation to the North-Eastern orientated outdoor playscapes.  Honour Avenue features a quality landscape plaza space located centrally on the main frontage and on axis to the residential landscape of backyards. The ground floor and upper level retail spaces activate the Verney Road West and Honour Avenue frontages.


The design features 4m wide deep planting to the western residential boundary and generous landscape to both Mortlake Rd and Verney Road West frontages. Additionally, the ground floor childcare playscape fronting Verney Road West provides a soft element to this frontage of the development.  Honour Avenue features a quality landscaped plaza as a central focal point.  It is complimented by a public art element along the northern Honour Venue edge and the existing landscape and street trees along the whole frontage. The built form activates the Honour Avenue and Verney Road West intersection

The composition of the two western childcare pavilions is intended to orientate the playscape to the North East and buffer the neighbouring residential properties. The playscapes are zoned to the age levels and are private and low scale in nature. The upper floor retail & commercial spaces book end the Honour Avenue retail strip and contribute towards overlooking and activation of this frontage and intersection. The playscape deck features a cut-out so that the ground floor entry plaza tree can penetrate the space and offer a double height space.



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