Enoggera Childcare & Medical Center


Situated on a prominent Brisbane intersection, elegant design, quality materials and generous landscape are design principles used to drive a quality development for Enoggera. A unified site design configures the two buildings with shared pedestrian and vehicle circulation and basement below. Using the topography of the site, the majority of car parking is below natural ground creating a pedestrian friendly shared podium at the Samford Road level and an active retail frontage to Wardell Street. This stepping of levels also reduces the bulk and scale of the two buildings and promotes connectivity through the site without creating a vehicle rat-run thoroughfare. Landscape is an important component to the development, complimenting the subtropical design elements and providing opportunities for shaded outdoor spaces, attractive privacy screening and buffering from neighbours and busy road frontages and complimenting the robust material pallet. Both buildings are setback from the road frontages with integrated landscape featuring along the edges providing a soft interface to the development and combined with awnings and shelter elements, a pedestrian friendly environment.

There is an intentional commonality in the material pallet and details used for both buildings to suggest a unified development, however each has its own distinct identity. Masonry in particular was selected for its robust characteristics and in reference to the neighbouring low and medium scale residential buildings. Building A is of commercial nature with the intent of having a medical focus over the two upper levels and ground floor pharmacy and food retail tenants fronting Wardell Street. The building addresses the intersection with a public outdoor space that bookends a pedestrian pathway through the site connecting to the Childcare Centre and Samford Rd. The low scale nature of the internal facades provide an appropriate human scale to the public spaces between buildings. Building B is a 113 place early learning childcare centre with generous landscaped outdoor spaces for both the children and centre staff. The building connects independently to the basement carpark and has its own street address to the Samford Road frontage.


An elegant multi-level commercial building, of predominantly medical use, fronts both Wardell St and Samford Rd and features a public outdoor space with large shade tree directly adjacent to the intersection. This landscaped gathering space is complimented by a small food tenancy and has an internal connection up to the Samford Road level of the building and through to the neighbouring [Building B] childcare centre. The facade and upper level balconies have been setback to preserve and frame views to the neighbouring heritage hall as pedestrians move along the Wardell St frontage from the intersection and offers protection from the elements.

Sun shade devices, external circulation balconies and generous roof overhangs reference subtropical design in a commercial building context. Materials such as masonry, glass and metal are generally robust and tactile in nature and will ensure a long lasting, quality building. Landscape engages the building to soften the edges of the facade, manage level changes and provide quality spaces to those inhabiting the internal and external areas of the building.


A low profile building for an early learning childcare centre is located on the north-east portion of the site over two levels and a basement carpark. It features a ground floor street address with cross-centre interconnection and a separate, secure, customer carpark to enhance parent & child safety. The building is zoned to address the pollution contour with non-childcare operations such as back-of-house, staff and administrative spaces buffering the child activity areas from the Samford Road frontage. An expansive ground level children’s outdoor area makes use of the north-eastern aspect and natural light while the orientation of the upper level playscape faces away from neighbouring residential buildings towards the Samford Rd frontage.

Much like building A, construction is of robust and timeless materials such as high quality concrete, masonry, metals and glass with generous shading, overhangs and outdoor areas. Landscape engages with the architecture to compliment the buildings material pallet and provides an attractive interface with neighbouring properties with large trees and deep planting.



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